4C Z13 "Thelma"

4C Z13, affectionately known as Thelma, has the strongest genetic ties to the original imports of any of our goats. She carries 72% genetics of WW E05. WW E05 was a USA born son of of the cross of JCS 16 and JCS 18. Her Pedigree International registration papers list 2 crosses to JCS 16, 3 crosses to JCS 18 and 1 cross to JCS 17. All of these were original imports! Thelma is a big girl with lots of frame. She has extremely dark pigment. We are rounding her back out a bit as she had triplets last fall. We are extremely excited about putting her in a flush project. These will be genetic powerhouse babies!!!

Thelma was born on 2/9/2010

Pedigree International 14891 SV-FB, DNA 

Birth Weight ???

Sire is 4C 02A

Dam is 4CX105 

We are very excited about our latest purchase and can't wait to use her in a flush project!!! Details to follow!

We love the Grand Old Lady of Three Oaks. All photos at age 8, shortly after weaning triplets! 

Copies of PI papers only available on full version of web site!