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JPM Dollar's Sandy Jane

We think it is hard to beat a Dollar daughter for putting lots of size and muscle on a goat. Jim & Peg Merriman of Country Livestock sure bred a good one here. Sandy is Dollar linebred top and bottom!!! This Doe is so versatile as she has tremendous size and length. With Heavy Hitters like Dollar, E525, and Goliath, she brings a lot to our herd and we are thankful that Richard and Laurie at Briarwood trusted us with her! Many great years ahead with Sandy Jane!

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Sandy was born on 12/03/2018

Pedigree International 23313 SV-FB DNA

Sire is MGF A 102 Dollar

Dam is JPM Dollar's Sweet Pea

We LOVE a Dollar daughter! This is a meat goat breed and, in our opinion, nobody consistently puts muscle on a goat like Dollar does! Sandy is line bred Dollar and it shows. She is a BIG girl! 

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Copies of PI papers only available on full version of web site!

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