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JPM Retsy

Another breathtaking beauty from Country Livestock, Jim & Peg Merriman. Retsy is from one of their great flush projects. We absolutely adore Retsy as an individual and on paper. Lion King lives up to his name being a royally bred Buck and a brother to industry greats, Lorettas Lynn and GCS Penny! Retsy's dam Razzy is Cochise and Roxie. Roxie is a cross of the great Iron Man and legend GCS Delilah! Retsy has producing high end Savannas in her blood, and we are thrilled to add that blood to Three Oaks! 

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Retsy was born on 11/26/2018

Pedigree International 23311 SV-FB, DNA - P

Sire is JPM Dollar's Lion King (DNA-P)

Dam is JPM Razzy

Lion King is a full brother to industry greats, Penny and Lynn! She is Cochise and Iron Man on bottom! That is the genetics that are going to give you MASS!

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Copies of PI papers only available on full version of web site!

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