OAK 169 D8 Dozer DZR "D8"

For those who appreciate the rarest and finest pedigrees in the industry! I don't think you will find another one like him! D8 is destined to be the next great "8". He is sired by Dozer, whose pedigree is extremely rare. Go to Dozer's page on our site to read about his unique story! D8's dam is our Y8 X Penny daughter from a Sleepy Hollow flush project, SH Y8's Duchess. There are photos and more detailed information about Duchess on her page. GCS Penny is a daughter of one of the most famous Savanna Sires, MGF A 102 Dollar, and she is known in the industry as "The Buck Maker". She is the dam to both SH BabyFace Nelson and SH Maximus. D8 has Keri Rose Dawie S 512 as his Grandsire on the top and bottom of his pedigree. He truly is a genetic Masterpiece! D8 is being bred to our best Does starting in May 2020, including my 3 Juggernaut daughters!!! The offspring of this cross will be a completely new line in the South African Savanna industry that you can't find anywhere else in the world! They will be the cornerstone of our breeding program moving forward. We reluctantly offer D8 For Sale as we intend to hold back the offspring from the Juggernaut cross for the Future. Until he is sold, I plan to breed him a lot! 


D8 was born on 8/6/2019

Pedigree International #23718 SV-FB

DNA'd / Parent Verified

Birth Weight  8 lbs, 6oz. *  Weaning Weight 44 lbs, 4 oz 

Jet black pigment / Amazing head

Sire is SH Bulldozer (DNA-P)

Dam is SH Y8's Duchess (DNA-P)


Copies of PI papers only available on full version of web site!


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a duchess pro 2.jpg