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OAK 197 Hendrix BF

This incredible young buck is the result of years of planning and dreaming. Sired by our phenomenal buck, SH BabyFace Nelson, Hendrix is our only cross of an SH Bulldozer daughter on BabyFace because it has been hard to retain my popular Dozer Doelings. Oak 165 Hannah Banana DZR is one of our best producers and what sweetens this deal even more is Hannah's Dam is a Juggernaut daughter. Of course, Babyface's dam is GCS Penny who is a Dollar daughter. Hendrix's pedigree wraps all my favorite guys into one special package. There are some special ladies in his lineage as well including 4C X414, GCS Loretta and GCS Fiona. It is a cross I had in my mind for a long time! As a breeder continually trying to take your program to the next level, you plan in your mind what each cross' result will be. When they exceed your dreams, it is what keeps you going! We are thrilled to be able to add Hendrix to our breeding program this year and he will go out with the ladies on July 1st. To see BabyFace, Hannah and Dozer's pedigrees, go to the Our Goats page and click on each of their photos. 

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Hendrix was born on 11/1/2020

Pedigree International 25213 SV-FB

DNA'd / Parentage Qualified

Birth Weight 11.2 pounds

Sire is SH Babyface Nelson (DNA-P)

Dam is OAK 165 Hannah Banana DZR (DNA-P)

This cross was planned for years. This hulk has jet black pigment from his horns to his hooves, he is thick and correct. He has Dozer's extreme roman nose and great horn set and BabyFace's gorgeous body with some Juggernaut and Dollar thickness throw in! 


Photos at just 18 months!


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Copies of PI papers only available on full version of web site!

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