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Where Traditional IS The Standard!

Our South African Savannas

We are very excited about the beautiful group of Fullblood South African Savanna goats that we are putting together. Even though we have been in the goat business less than 10 years, we feel that we are on track to build a boutique breeding program, that is evolving into a exclusive group of 100% Fullblood, DNA'd Savannas, that are truly special. We draw on our years of breeding World Champion Halter and Performance horses, with a true dedication to detail in BOTH conformation and bloodlines. We will accept nothing less from our goat operation. Our long term goal is to produce 100% FB Savanna Kids of the highest quality, with rare bloodlines and emphasis on type. All our fullblood Kids will be DNA tested and Parent Qualified. We are utilizing live cover, as well as embryo transfers to achieve our goals. To learn more about our herd, read each of their descriptions below! Click on their photos to go to their individual pages. There you will find information, a photo album with plenty of beautiful photos of each goat, as well as a copy of their Pedigree International registration papers. We want to provide you with as much information as possible so you feel secure when purchasing a stunning Savanna goat from Three Oaks! If you have questions about any of our goats, please email us at

Meet The Men of Three Oaks!!!

a pro logo.jpg

Click on BabyFace's photo to visit his page and see more photos, info and pedigree on this huge, amazing buck! 

BabyFace was born on 2/9/2017

Pedigree International 19800 SV-FB

DNA'd / Parentage Qualified

Birth Weight 11 lbs, 3 oz 

Mature weight 295 pounds! 32.5" at the shoulder!!!

Extreme black pigment / Twin

Sire is Sleepy Hollow's Pretty Boy Floyd (DNA-P)

Dam is Sleepy Hollow's Penny (DNA-P)

Bred by Trevor & Jamie Ballif, Sleepy Hollow Farm

Thank you for being such an amazing ambassador for the breed! It's going to be a fun ride!!!

Dozer was born on 10/17/2017

Pedigree International 20714 SV-FB

DNA'd / Parentage Qualified

Extreme black pigment

Mature weight 285 pounds!

Sire is TTS Savanna 3 "Bubba" (DNA-P)

Dam is GCS Fiona (DNA-P)

Another incredible Buck, with rare blood, from Sleepy Hollow! We can't Thank Trevor & Jamie enough for all the time and energy they put into preserving and creating the rare genetics of the Savanna breed! 

a profile.jpg

Click on Dozer's photo to visit his page. This Buck has an EXTREMELY RARE pedigree and we are honored to be the guardian of 

such a treasure for the industry! 

hendrix logo.jpg

Hendrix was born on 11/1/2020

Pedigree International 25213 SV-FB

DNA'd / Parentage Qualified

Birth Weight 11.2 pounds

Sire is SH Babyface Nelson (DNA-P)

Dam is OAK 165 Hannah Banana DZR (DNA-P)

This cross was planned for years. This hulk has jet black pigment from his horns to his hooves, he is thick and correct. He has Dozer's extreme roman nose and great horn set and BabyFace's gorgeous body with some Juggernaut and Dollar thickness thrown in! 


a pro lt.jpg

Click on Hendrix's photo to visit his page. We thinkk our 2022 breeding season could be our best yet with the addition of the tremendous young Buck!  Photos at just 18 months! 

BJK logo.jpg
new left logo.jpg

Click on Ketch's photo to visit his page. Our new Jr herd sire has us thrilled about the direction our program is going. New photos taken at just a year and a half old! 

Ketch was born on 3/23/2020

Pedigree International 23929 SV-FB

DNA'd / Parentage Qualified

Sire is SH JCS 35's Blackjack (DNA-P)

Dam is 3Ds Carissa  (DNA-S)

We are honored to bring in a young gun, SH Blackjack Ketchum. Trevor and Jamie Ryan Ballif, at Sleepy Hollow Savannas, have created another masterpiece in this incredible guy who is sired by SH JCS 35's Blackjack and out of 3DS Carissa. Carissa is the Dam of one of the high selling Does at the 2020 Savanna Spectacular Sale! 

Our Future! 

bradshaw logo.jpg
233 head 2.jpg
233 pro.jpg
233 rear 2.jpg

At Three Oaks Goats we are always thinking ahead when it comes to our breeding program! We are ecstatic to add this incredible Buckling to our Buck lineup in 2023! 

OAK 233 Bradshaw 9 is a Whole Nine Yards son out of CMF Jumping Bean, a Marco Polo daughter. This Buckling posted record amazing weights and ADG numbers and is the "whole" package of size, mass, pigment, 1 X 1 teat structure with a traditional Savanna look! Going to be hard to wait to see what this BIG BOY produces for us in the future!!!






We are excited about the strength of our Three Oaks Bucks! Their bloodlines are diverse and rare, yet similar enough to be able to line breed and merge those incredible, sought after lines into special individuals that will become our future, your future and the future of the South African Savanna Goat industry for years to come! New additions coming soon!!! Can't wait!!!


Our Gorgeous Girls are a work in progress as we slowly add new blood and retain a few Doelings from our own program. We are quite picky about who joins our herd, but the pursuit of perfection takes time! We feel blessed beyond words and thrilled to see what the future holds! New ladies being added now!!!


The Lovely Ladies of Three Oaks!!!

Lynn was born on 3/31/2016

Pedigree International 18747 SV-FB

Birth Weight ??? * Weaning Weight ???

DNA'd / Parentage Qualified 


Sire is MGF A 102 Dollar (DNA-P)

Dam is GCS Loretta (DNA-G)

Bred by Eddie Markham, Gold City Savannas

Thank you Trevor & Jamie! We are thrilled beyond words to have this beautiful Dollar daughter!

Full sister to GCS Penny, an industry ICON! WOW!!! 

Click on Lynn's photo to visit her page. It has complete information & more photos of this brilliant Doe. Lynn is a full sister to BabyFace's dam, the legend, GCS Penny! It is an honor to own Lynn and she is the Queen here! 


We are super thrilled to show off this incredible beauty. Click on her photo to see more! 

duchess logo.jpg

Sabrina was born on 3/4/2018

Pedigree International 21107 SV-FB

Birth Weight 8 lbs, 4 oz. 

DNA'd / Parentage Verified

Embryo Transfer

Sire is KRI Y8 (DNA-S)

Dam is GCS Penny (DNA-P)

We have huge plans for this amazing girls' future. An own daughter of Y8 will be the perfect compliment for our 512 bred Bucks or any other way we choose to cross her. I see a possible flush in her future. A gorgeous girl with lots of curves! LOL!

Tesla was born on 4/22/2017

Pedigree International 20233 SV-FB

Birth Weight 8 lbs, 3 oz * Weaning Weight 53 lbs, 4 oz.

Mature weight 165 lbs

DNA'd / Parentage Qualified 

Extreme black pigment / Twin

Sire is ITG B43 (DNA-P)

Dam is ITG B46 White (DNA-P)

Bred by Linda Hughes, Sandy Oaks Savannas

Thank you Linda for trusting us with this

incredible treasure!


Click on Tesla's photo to visit her page. It has complete information & more photos of this rare beauty that is one of the jewels of our breeding program! 


Click on Candy''s photo to visit her page. It has complete information & more photos of this fabulous Doe!

Candy was born on 12/23/2017

Pedigree International 21496 SV-FB, DNA-P 

Birth Weight 10 lbs, 0 oz * 4 month weight 68 lbs, 4 oz, Mature weight 165

Sire is SH Juggernaut (DNA-P)

Dam is ITG B53 (DNA-P)

One of my Favs!!! This girl has it all. Body, bone, square built, extreme pigment, roman nose, long ears, strong topline. I can go on and on! I am honored to have her! 

jordyn logo.jpg

Jordyn was born on 11/27/2018

Pedigree International 23312 SV-FB, DNA-P 

Sire is JPM Dollar's Lion King (DNA-P)

Dam is JPM Razzy (DNA-P)

We are so excited about how this amazing girl is bred, we bought her ET sister too! Lion King is Dollar crossed on the legend, Loretta, making him a full sibling to the Iconic Does, Penny and Lynn! 

Jordyn pro.jpg

Jordyn's page is available for viewing. Check out this gorgeous girl's story!  


Sassy was born on 11/6/2017

Pedigree International 21051 SV-FB, DNA - P 

Birth Weight 8 lbs, 2 oz * 6 month weight 80 lbs

Mature weight 175 lbs

Sire is SH Juggernaut (DNA-P)

Dam is ITG B70 ( DNA-P)

I can't have enough Juggernaut daughters. They are huge, great confirmation, and thick boned. Sassy is a welcome addition to our herd! 

Sassy's page is up and running. Check out her great pics and pedigree by clicking on her photo above! 

sandy logo.jpg

Sandy was born on 12/03/2018

Pedigree International 23313 SV-FB DNA

Sire is MGF A 102 Dollar

Dam is JPM Dollar's Sweet Pea

We LOVE a Dollar daughter! This is a meat goat breed and, in our opinion, nobody consistently puts muscle on a goat like Dollar does! Sandy is line bred Dollar and it shows. She is a BIG girl! 

sandy pro.jpg

A crown jewel for our herd! Sandy Jane is a welcome addition to our boutique herd! Click on her photo for more info!



Oh my this girls is special. Click on her photo to learn more about her. Photo at 8 months! 



Hannah Banana was born on 5/12/2019

Pedigree International 23359 SV-FB, DNA - P

Birth Weight 7.2 lbs., weaning Weight 40 lbs

1 yr weight 135 lbs

Sire is SH Bulldozer (DNA-P)

Dam is SOS 187 Swankie Hankie Pankie (DNA-P)

The rare pedigree of our Dozer crossed on the mass of the Juggernaut daughters is pure magic! Keeping this beauty to spread that magic into our future program!!!

logo PT 70 Amashe.jpg

Amashe was born on 3/19/2019

Pedigree International 23064 SV-FB, DNA - P

Sire is PJT Little Georgie

Dam is DLR B317D

The gorgeous Doe has an incredible Foundation stock pedigree with a lot of the DLR herd in it plus 4C 12 B and NJW Green 33. Wow! We are honored! 


Please click on Amashe's photo to see all her info and more photos!  


pro 2.jpg

Check out Portia's page! We are ecstatic to add this massive Doe to our select herd. She will be a great asset for sure!!! 


GS Portia was born on 5/8/2018

Pedigree International 22043 SV-FB, DNA - P

Sire is SH Spitfire (DNA-P)

Dam is GS Priscilla (DNA-S)

One look at this beautiful Doe and we knew we had to have her. She has a pedigree packed full of heavy hitters! So excited to see what her future holds! 


SH Alley Cat was born on 7/14/2018

Pedigree International 21696 SV-FB, DNA - P

Birth Weight 7.2 lbs., weaning Weight 40 lbs

Sire is Catapult (DNA-P)

Dam is PJT B10 Shirley (DNA-P)

Alley is the result of on of Sleepy Hollow's incredible Embryo Transfer Projects. We are honored to have her at Three Oaks! 


Check out Alley's page! She is quickly becoming a top producer of big, strong, tuff kids here at Three Oaks! 

duchess logo.jpg

Porsche was born on 2/27/2020

Pedigree International 23723 SV-FB

Birth Weight 11 lbs, 0 oz. 

DNA'd / Parentage Verified

Sire is SH Bulldozer (DNA-P)

Dam is SOS 176 Tesla (DNA-P)

We had a hard time holding this stunning Dozer /Tesla daughter back because we were offered big money for her by everyone that came to the farm. She is the total package of rare, old school pedigree, size, frame and pigment. She will allow us to create original lines when we cross her to several of our Bucks! 

porsche lt.jpg

Porsche's page is now up! We are excited to add her to the breeding band! Her Mom Tesla is a farm fav!  

logo CMF Oakley.jpg

Oakley was born on 3/3/19

Pedigree International 23461 SV-FB, DNA - P

Sire is IS 559B Marco Polo (DNA-P)

Dam is GS Anne (DNA - P)

This beautiful Doe is another example of why we are crazy about Marco Polo daughters! She is a treasure for us to have at Three Oaks Goats! 


Oakley's page is ready to view.

Click on her photo to see her new page! 



Bean's page is finally finished! Check out this magnificent Does info by clicking her photo! 


logo CMF Jumping Bean.jpg

Bean was born on 3/26/2019

Pedigree International 23463 SV-FB, DNA - P

Sire is IS 559B Marco Polo (DNA-P)

Dam is JPM Ava (DNA-D)

We love Marco Polo and anytime we can buy a daughter we "Jump" at the chance. We can't wait to cross this gem on any of our boys! 

logo CMF Honeybee.jpg

Honeybee was born on 3/6/2019

Pedigree International 23462 SV-FB, DNA - P

Sire is IS 559B Marco Polo (DNA-P)

Dam is EOE F18 Cricket (DNA-G)

Honeybee is a fabulous cross of Marco Polo and a beautiful EOE Doe Cricket, who goes back to Dollar and CCS 00995. 


Love Ms Honeybee! Click on her photo and you will see why! 

retsy pro.jpg

Retsy's page is ready to roll. Check her out. She is pretty fancy!!!

retsy logo.jpg

Retsy was born on 11/26/2018

Pedigree International 23311 SV-FB, DNA - P

Sire is JPM Dollar's Lion King (DNA-P)

Dam is JPM Razzy

Lion King is a full brother to industry greats, Penny and Lynn! She is Cochise and Iron Man on bottom! That is the genetics that are going to give you MASS!

logo OAK 206 Lynette BF.jpg

Lynette was born on 12/8/2020

Pedigree International 25222 SV-FB, DNA - P

Sire is SH BabyFace Nelson (DNA-P)

Dam is GCS Loretta's Lynn (DNA-P)

We try to hold back a Lynn daughter each year. Lynn is a full sister to Sleepy Hollows great Doe Penny! When crossed on BabyFace, who is a Penny son, it is pure magic! Love all my Lynn daughters! 

Lynette pro rt.jpg

Lynette's page is complete. See why we are so proud of this homebred girl! 



Cookie's page is proudly ready to see!  She is definitely a farm favorite!!! 


logo OAK 194 Cookie DZR.jpg

Cookie was born on 10/30/2020

Pedigree International 25211 SV-FB, DNA - P

Sire is SH Bulldozer (DNA-P)

Dam is SOS 185 Savanna Eye Candy (DNA-P)

This girl was my pick of the 2020 kids. She is big, wide, jet black pigment, 1 x 1 teat, square and correct and a pedigree to die for! She has a home for life! Keri Rose Dawie S 512, Brom Bones, Juggernaut and MGF Comanche 78. You can't beat it! 

logo OAK 203 Virginia NEM.jpg

Virginia was born on 12/8/2020

Pedigree International 25219 SV-FB, DNA - P

Sire is SH Nemesis (DNA-P)

Dam is SH Y8's Sabrina (DNA-P)

Boy oh Boy is this girl well bred with a rare pedigree!

She is a Nemesis daughter so she has that sought after NJW blood, and on bottom, Sabrina is a Y8 over Penny daughter. She is the entire package!  


Virginia's page is up! Check out her info. A rare beauty!!!


tea spoon pro.jpg

Click on Tea Spoon's photo to see all her info and a copy of her pedigree! 

tea spoon.jpg

JPM Dollar's Tea Spoon was born on 2/24/2019

Pedigree International 23315 SV-FB, DNA - P

Sire is MGF A 102 Dollar (DNA-P)

Dam is JPM Tea For Two (DNA-P)

This incredible Dollar daughter will be able to cross so many different ways. Her size and cool pedigree make her a very versatile Doe! 

logo BRI L3 Morning Star.jpg

Star was born on 2/15/2021

Pedigree International 26243 SV-FB, DNA - P

Sire is MRTN Barricade's The Whole Nine Yards (DNA-P)

Dam is JPM Jordan (DNA-P)

This Doe's pedigree is all about size with Iron Man and Dollar top and bottom with Y8, Cochise and 4C W1118 as well! Can't wait to see what her future holds!!!


Star's page is ready to roll! 

Photo as a yearling. 


92355053_227182541704869_7008438336947748864_n - Copy.jpg

We are super thrilled to show off this exotic beauty. Click on her photo to see more!  She is special!

logo - Copy.jpg

OAK 170 Dolly BF was born on 8/2/2019

Pedigree International 23715 SV-FB, DNA - P

Birth Weight 9.8 lbs., weaning Weight 42.6 lbs

11 month weight 98 lbs

Sire is SH BabyFace Nelson (DNA-P)

Dam is GCS Loretta's Lynn (DNA-P)

This girl has always been big and beautiful, even as a TRIPLET! Now that is great genetics. We had to fight to keep her as everyone who saw her wanted her. Exactly what we want to take us into the future!

maxine logo.jpg

Maxine was born on 12/22/2019

Pedigree International 21514 SV-FB, DNA - P

Sire is SH Maximus (DNA-P)

Dam is BHG G04 GiGi

This Doe is massive. She was bred at our friends farm, but we own Maximus, and now GiGi, so we are happy to have her home! 


To see more of Maxine, please click on her photo! She is a beauty!!!


pro 1.jpg

Ms BonBon's page is now available! One look at this lovely young Doe and you will see why we are excited to have her here! 


logo RDB Khans BonBon.jpg

BonBon was born on 2/6/2021

Pedigree International 25722 SV-FB, DNA - P

Sire is RDB Khan (DNA - G)

Dam is RDB Sugar Rush (DNA - P)

It's no secret I'm a huge fan of RDB Khan. He is a monster Buck of Donna Blankenships. Super excited to bring those genetics into our herd! 

logo OAK 192 Crissy DZR.jpg

Crissy was born on 10/29/2020

Pedigree International 25210 SV-FB, DNA - P

Sire is SH Bulldozer (DNA-P)

Dam is SOS 183 Sasafras (DNA-P)

Crissy's dam Sassy is my biggest Doe and a Juggernaut daughter. Crissy is sired by Dozer, who has a very rare pedigree, and is full brother to Brooks Klein's massive Buck Powerstroke. They are the only two TTS Savanna 3 Bucks in existence!  

crissy profile.jpg

Crissy's page is now online. Click her photo and you will see why she is our future! 



Click on Dazzle's photo and you will see why we are super excited about this power packed pedigree Doe that is so so pretty! 

logo BRI L7 Razzle Dazzle.jpg

Dazzle was born on 3/1/2021

Pedigree International 26245 SV-FB, DNA - P

Sire is MRTN Barricade's The Whole Nine Yards (DNA-P)

Dam is JPM Retzy (DNA-P)

Another fabulous Doe that is Dollar and Iron Man top and bottom with heavy hitters Y8 and Cochise added in too. Going to have a great future with this doll!  

logo BRI L2 wild flower.jpg

Flower was born on 2/15/2021

Pedigree International 26248 SV-FB, DNA - P

Sire is MRTN Barricade's The Whole Nine Yards (DNA-P)

Dam is CMF Oakley (DNA-P)

I am so excited about a long future with this girl. Her pedigree crosses some of the most iconic goats in the industry, top and bottom. Can't even list them all. Check out her pedigree on her page! 

285517282_1031933144385121_8916490792586856455_n (1).jpg

Flower's page is up but still needs new photos. Pedigree is posted! Current photo as an early yearling


a pandora pro.jpg

Pandora's page is up. Take a close look at this royally bred beauty!! Just click on her photo. 

pandora logo.jpg

Pandora was born on 3/10/2017

Pedigree International 19845 SV-FB, DNA-P 

Sire is GCS Pretty Boy Floyd (DNA-P)

Dam is PJT B10 "Shirley" (DNA-G)

This precious Doe is sired by Pretty Boy Floyd, the sire of BabyFace Nelson. Her dam was the great Sleepy Hollow Doe, Shirley. We look forward to many years with this adorable lady!  


G 04 "Gigi" was born on 10/7/2017

Pedigree International 20876 SV-FB DNA

Mature weight 145 pounds

Sire is JDJ C36

Dam is JDJ D43

We were super excited to find this girl as we owned her fabulous grand dam, Thelma. She was a strong producer for us for years! 


To take a closer look at Gigi, click on her photo and visit her page

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