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Waiting List Policy


 At Three Oaks Goats we love to help our clients find the Savanna goat of their dreams. Goats that are beautiful, with the most exclusive pedigrees on the market today. Savanna goats are always in high demand. For that reason, Three Oaks has developed a waiting list system so that we can keep track of those who are interested in purchasing one of our goats, and those who want to be contacted when goats become available.


 Our waiting list has two options. Option one is our Preferred List. To become a Preferred Client, you pay a $500 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit towards a future kid, and we put you on the Preferred List. When we have kids available, we will send a group email to everyone on the Preferred List. This notification will go out one week prior to these Kids being offered to our Public List, being published to our web site, or listed on Facebook. Kids will be sold on a first come, first serve basis to those on our Preferred List. It is the Preferred Clients responsibility to make sure you are receiving our emails and are checking emails in a timely manner. We will keep our web site updated with approximate due dates for our kids and will do our best to communicate with all our Preferred Clients.


     List two is the Public List. There is no cost to be on the Public List. When our kids arrive, we will give first right to purchase to our Preferred Clients. After one week passes, we will then offer any kids that are available to those on our Public List. We will send a group email to everyone on the Public List and the Kids will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. At that same time, we will also list any existing kids on our web site and on Facebook.



     Both our Preferred List and our Public List are notification lists only. The Preferred List deposit is NOT a deposit for a specific breeding or kid. It is a deposit to be notified first on any available kids, and will be applied to your purchase. We cannot guarantee a definite time frame for availability of any of our kids. Three Oaks Goats reserves the right to market only the kids we choose to clients on our lists. If you are interested in getting on either of our waiting lists, please email us today at or send us a message on our Three Oaks Goats Facebook page.