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SH BabyFace Nelson

To say we feel thrilled, excited and blessed to be able to add this incredible buck to our breeding program is an understatement. It just gives me goosebumps to think we started our FB Savanna program with such a quality animal, with incredible bloodlines and type that is second to none! BabyFace's genetics are superior! His sire carries the foundation genetics from Sleepy Hollow Farm, as well as those of Eddie Markham's Gold City Savannas, thru the great Buck 4C W1118 (Big 2), and the Doe 4C X414 (Herd 5). For us, BabyFace's Mother, GCS Penny, known as the great Buck Maker, is one of the best Does we've seen. She has great breed characteristics as well as traditional meat goat Doe phenotype. Penny's sire is the famous Dollar and her dam is the top producing daughter of "Big 2". We cannot thank Trevor & Jamie Ballif, Sleepy Hollow Farm, enough for their dedication to keeping the Savanna breed moving forward, and for their patience with us as we learn our way with this fascinating breed. Their attention to every detail, including rare bloodlines, conformation and performance, is an inspiration and we hope to make them proud. Our goal now is to continue adding doelings to Three Oaks that will meet the high standards we set when looking for our Bucks.

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BabyFace was born on 2/9/2017

Pedigree International #19800 SV-FB

DNA'd / Parentage Qualified

Birth Weight 11 lbs, 3 oz * Weaning Weight 61 lbs, 5 oz

Mature weight 295 pounds! 32.5" at shoulder!!!

Extreme black pigment / Twin

Sire is Sleepy Hollow's Pretty Boy Floyd (DNA-P)

Dam is Sleepy Hollow's Penny (DNA-P)

Bred by Trevor & Jamie Ballif, Sleepy Hollow Farm

Thank you for being such an amazing ambassador for the breed! We sadly lost BabyFace but his legacy lives on thru his son, Hendrix, and the daughters we retained! 

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A baby BabyFace!

Copies of PI papers only available on full version of web site!

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