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OAK 192 Crissy DZR

Crissy is the kind of Doe that we are working towards having a pasture full of to take us into the future. These are yearling photos and she is already long and large. We love how her pedigree combines our dinosaur Dozer, with a Juggernaut daughter who is the biggest Doe on the farm. Exciting times ahead!!!

crissy profile.jpg

Crissy was born on 10/29/2020

Pedigree International 25210 SV-FB, DNA - P

Sire is SH Bulldozer (DNA-P)

Dam is SOS 183 Sasafras (DNA-P)

Crissy's dam Sassy is my biggest Doe and a Juggernaut daughter. Crissy is sired by Dozer, who has a very rare pedigree, and is full brother to Brooks Klein's massive Buck Powerstroke. They are the only two TTS Savanna 3 Bucks in existence!  

Crissy as an early yearling

crissy rear.jpg
crissy front.jpg




Copies of PI papers only available on full version of web site!

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