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OAK 278 Pay Dirt DZR

Pay Dirt is the epitome of what we are breeding for here at Three Oaks! This mountain of a young Buck is super exciting for us as he combines some of our all-time favorite, proven mass producing goats in Savanna history! Just look at his pedigree and photos of his royal ancestors and you can see why we feel he is destin for greatness. SH Babyface Nelson was our first legitimate big time Buck. He was 32" at the shoulder and weighed over 300 pounds. He was beyond a BEAST. Being a GCS Penny son, who is known in the industry as THE BUCK MAKER, that is not a surprise. SH Bulldozer was our second major purchase from the incredible Sleepy Hollow Farm, where Trevor and Jamie Ballif have been creating legends for a long time. To say Dozer's pedigree is rare is an understatement. We crossed Babyface on the Queen of Three Oaks, the great Loretta's Lynn, who just happens to be a FULL sister to GCS Penny! The result was Pay Dirt's lovely Dam, Dolly. Our dream was to cross Dozer and Babyface get back and forth, but we sadly lost Babyface and only got a chance to do this a few times. When we crossed Dozer on Dolly this first time we loved the cross so much we kept both Pay Dirt and his twin sister Barbie. That says a lot as we are picky who we retain. We are eagerly anticipating the magic both will produce when added to our breeding herds this Summer. You can go to Dozer, Dolly, Babyface, and Lynn's pages on our site to learn more about each of them and get additional pedigree info. 

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Pay Dirt was born on 11/27/2022 

Pedigree International 28251 SV-FB

DNA'd / Parentage Qualified

Extreme black pigment / Twin

Weaning weight pushing 60 pounds! 

Sire is SH Bulldozer (DNA-P)

Dam is OAK 170 Dolly BF (DNA-P)

The most exciting Buck we have ever raised! This cross is unbelievable!!! He is sired by our real Dinosaur, Bulldozer, and out of a Babyface Nelson and Loretta's Lynn daughter, Dolly!



1 pay rt.jpg

Pay Dirt's full sis Barbie

barbie profile.jpg

Sire Bulldozer

a profile.jpg

Dam Dolly


Sire's Sire Bubba


Sire's Dam Fiona

Fiona 2.JPG

Dam's Sire Babyface

a pro logo.jpg

G DS Sire Pretty Boy Floyd


G DS Dam Penny


Dam's Dam Lorettas Lynn

new lynn profile.jpg

G DD Sire Dollar


G DD Dam Loretta


Copies of PI papers only available on full version of web site!

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