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BRI Wild Flower

It is no secret that we LOVE our Marco Polo daughters. When we had a chance to purchase a Doe out of a Marco daughter crossed on the MASSIVE Whole Nine yards, we jumped at it. Look at the impressive pedigree below! Y8, the legend GCS Penny, the sought-after Iron Man and one of the most prolific Does EVER, Rebekah are just a few names we can brag about!!! So excited to see all the amazing things she will do for our program.

285517282_1031933144385121_8916490792586856455_n (1).jpg

Flower as an early yearling. 

Flower was born on 2/15/2021

Pedigree International 26248 SV-FB, DNA - P

Sire is MRTN Barricade's The Whole Nine Yards (DNA-P)

Dam is CMF Oakley (DNA-P)

I am so excited about a long future with this girl. Her pedigree crosses some of the most iconic goats in the industry, top and bottom. Can't even list them all. Check out her pedigree on her page! 

New photos coming soon! 





Copies of PI papers only available on full version of web site!

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