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SH Y8's Sabrina

We have huge plans for this amazing girls' future. An own daughter of Y8 will be the perfect compliment for our 512 bred Bucks, or any other way we choose to cross her. I see a possible flush in her future. A gorgeous girl with lots of curves! LOL! Sabrina has size, bone, frame and beauty. She is what we will strive to breed in our program. Her Doe line is super strong as well, being full of strong Mothers that are hardy and tough.


Sabrina was born on 3/3/2018

Pedigree International #21100 SV-FB

Birth Weight 8 lbs, 4 oz., weight at 3 months 56 lbs, 7 oz

DNA'd / Parentage Verified

Embryo Transfer

Sire is KRI Y8 (DNA-S)

Dam is GCS Penny (DNA-P)

Sabrina is a full Flush sibling to our phenomenal Maximus Buck, coming out of a wonderful Sleepy Hollow flush project! Her future at  our farm will be instrumental!!! 





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