Three Oaks Goats

Mike & Allison Rosauer

PO Box 299, Spurger, Texas 77660

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Preferred List Deposit Agreement


This agreement made this _____________day of ________________________ by and between Mike & Allison Rosauer, Three Oaks Goats and


__________________________________________, hereafter referred to as Preferred Client.


The above Preferred Client agrees to pay a $500 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit in exchange for being notified first, along with other Preferred Clients, when any Kids/Goats become available from Three Oaks Goats. The full deposit amount will go towards the Preferred Client’s future purchase. All Preferred Clients will be notified via email one week prior to the available animals being openly marketed to our Public List, being published on our web site or listed on Facebook. Available animals will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. This means the first person responding to our Preferred Client email, choosing a goat from our sales list and agreeing to pay its purchase price, will own that goat. It is the Preferred Clients responsibility to make sure they are receiving our emails and are checking emails in a timely manner. We will keep our web site updated with approximate due dates for our kids and will do our best to communicate with all our Preferred Clients. Both our Preferred List and our Public List are notification lists only. The Preferred List deposit is NOT a deposit for a specific breeding or kid. We cannot guarantee a definite time frame for availability of any of our kids. Three Oaks Goats reserves the right to market only the kids we choose to clients on our lists.


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